Document date: 21st July 2007


Dodekaphonic Interval Correlator 2.01

by Peter Wakefield Sault


Click here to download a self-extracting ZIP file called natural201.exe. Open this file to extract the installation files to a folder called \NATURAL2 on your default HDD. Open file SETUP.EXE in folder \NATURAL2 to install NATURAL 2.01 on your computer. After installation you can run NATURAL from the Windows Start Program Menu. You may also delete folder \NATURAL2 along with its contents if you wish as the files in it will no longer be needed. This installation of NATURAL comes with full help to explain its principles and guide you through its use.

The NATURAL program has been tested under MS-Windows 98SE, 2000 and XP, where it is known to function correctly. If you experience problems under other versions of Windows (excluding Windows 3.1x, for which there is no release) please let me know by sending an e-mail to help AT, describing the problem as best you can.

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Download ODEION.EXE Parametric Polyphonic Music Generator incorporating the Path of Correlative Intervals HERE.

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