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Vocational and Educational Certificates

1. Control Data Institute

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2. Middlesex University School of Mechanical Engineering

First Year Pass Certificate

The reader may be forgiven for finding the Mathematics and Computing Aggregate Mark (%) somewhat, and anomalously, low. It is in fact incorrect, for it does not include 30 points obtained in respect of an exemption from the Embedded Microcomputer Assembly Language Programming course module. The reader will appreciate I had been an assembly language programmer for twenty years at that time (see ODEION.EXE, which is programmed in assembly language). Unfortunately, an absent-minded professor failed to notify the faculty registrar of the exemption despite having presented me with an exemption note. Since that would have been an extra 30 points (i.e. two-thirds of the maximum available for the module, or 45) out of 180 before conversion to a percentage, the increase in percentage would be 30/180 x 100 = 17%. Hence my true mark for Maths and Computing was (51 + 17)% = 68%. When the faculty registrar was informed of the error, I was asked to let the matter pass because the difference would have made me top of class and the prize for that had already been awarded to someone else whom he did not wish to upset.

The Middlesex University School of Mechanical Engineering was closed down some years ago.

I was unable to complete the second year because of Margaret Thatcher's abolition of Housing Benefit (social security rent payments) for poor students, transparently intended to make university education a preserve of the children of the wealthy. My savings were exhausted and I was subject to a UK employment blacklisting imposed in 1990 (and still in place) by what was then Britain's largest bank as revenge for my refusal to criminalize myself on its behalf while employed by an offshore tax-avoidance subsidiary in the Bahamas. I had to obtain Housing Benefit in order to pay my rent and leaving university to qualify as officially unemployed was my only available course of action.

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