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It is now proposed to offer the reader some further proof of the presence of a coherent scheme of Gematria of a geometrical nature in the New Testament which will serve to show the great importance of the doctrinal meaning to be associated with number, or capable of being so associated, and the peculiar value and precision of the method of numbers for this purpose. Reference will be made also to the Gnostic books, but the main argument and illustrations will be drawn from the canonical Scriptures.

The number EIGHT, which has been called the Dominical number, is found everywhere symbolically employed to convey the idea of Salvation. Perfecting, and Regeneration, from the Company of Noah, onwards through the Bible, and is nowhere more emphasised than in the name of our Lord, which teaches the doctrine of the perfected Humanity in the 888 of IHSOUS. This, there can be little doubt, is the mystery to which Irenaeus alludes when he describes the numbering of the name of Jesus. To this moral or spiritual perfection the figure of the cube is allied on the geometric side – and our Lord seems to give His sanction to this teaching when He gives to Peter the name KHFAS. This suggestion of perfectness in the number Eight is reflected in the constitution

The Key Applied.

of the Greek alphabet with its three Ogdoads* of units, tens, and hundreds – the final W which, with the A, takes its place in our Christian arithmology, being 800 – in Gematria KURIOS - Lord – the leading epithet of Christ and in the Old Testament of God. The 800 of KURIOS is found in antithesis to the 600 of KOSMOS – the World; just as the 888 of IHSOUS is in a yet more marked degree contrasted with the 666 of the Beast of the Apocalypse, whose number emphasises the qualities of incompleteness and materiality.

With the idea of a spiritual revelation is associated Light, and the Divine significance of Light is clearly apparent in the number symbolism of the Scriptures as well as in the Gnostic books.

The number of Light – FWS – is 1500. It is the Robe of the Lord – ENDUMA KURIOU. ENDUMA – 500 – is one of the many mystical words, or words appertaining to the mystery-religions, used by St. Paul.

In the Pistis Sophia Jesus has three of these robes of Light, and the number of the word ENDUMATA – 801 – is again that of the A and W, and of the PERISTERA. And the three ENDUMATA are 3 × 500 = 1500 which is the number of Light (FWS).

801 is three times 267, the number of the Kingdom – H BASILEIA.

Ten times this number is 2670 – KURIOS FWTOS, Lord of Light, or, as applied to Christ, TO FWS KOSMOU – The Light of the World, who is also H DUNAMIS MEGALH FWTOS (2670) – The Great Power of Light, which descends upon the Lord in the Pistis Sophia. This is also the number of the Church of Jesus Christ – H EKKLHSIA IHSOU CRISTOU. Incidentally we may here point out that the number of the Great Power

* See figure of Cephas.

Investigation of the Cabala.

(H DUNAMIS MEGALH) – the title so blasphemously claimed by Simon Magus,* is 800 = KURIOS.

Light, though really threefold, has traditionally also a sevenfold nature. The emanations of the Divine Essence are figured in the Apocalypse as Seven Lamps, which are the Seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars which are the Angels of the Seven Churches. In the scheme of geometric representation, the first emanation from, or manifestation of, the Absolute, in the series we are now considering, is figured as a Cube developed from an original point, which is one of its angles, and this is portrayed in its visible aspect of symmetry as a Hexagon with six internal lines radiating from the centre.

Theoretically there is a seventh radius but never more than six are visible because the seventh approaches the eye and unites the central visible point with the eighth point lying exactly behind it.

The Six outward points, with their connecting lines, represent the Kosmos, or manifestation of the Divine Source, the revelation of God to man.

But the eighth or invisible original is required to complete the figure of the cube, which is only apprehended by the higher reason.

The Six again may be held to represent the periods of Creation and the seventh point, the Sabbath rest of God.

* Simon Magus as SIMWN O MAGOS has the number of the Omnipotence – H AUTODUNAMIS, which follows logically from his self-chosen title of H DUNAMIS MEGALH = 800 = KURIOS. ELUMAS presents the number 676, a very favourite cabalistic number, being the square of the tetragrammaton IHVH or 26, and as O ELUMAS he is a double LOGOS being 2 × 373 or 746, the Gnostic CARAGMA. SKEUAS – another of these magicians (Sceva in our translation) is probably only a Greek nickname – the Reverend ‘Make-up’.

The Key Applied.

But the perfect, or New, Creation, is symbolised by the Cube, for a true knowledge of which a sense beyond that of mere physical vision is required. By this the presence of the seventh ray is revealed and the Eight points are manifest in their true relation. Thus from One are seen to proceed Seven and the Seven are connected with the parent One by rays or lines of Three several lengths (or which are now seen to be of three several lengths), whereas in the flat representation only six were seen, and they were apparently of equal length.* Now we are in the presence of three geometrical entities which by their joint operation determine the form of the Cube, and these are first, the length of it side which is figured as 100 – the basic number in the Denary system (far older than the decimal notation), on which the whole of the Gematria may be said to be built. In the Appendix the Cube of Light and its special Gematria will be found fully described.X There are, as will readily be seen, three rays of this first order emanating from any one point in the cube, and connecting that point with the three lying nearest to it in the cube. Secondly there are to be seen three more connecting lines which are the diagonals on the square sides

* cf. Pistis Sophia, Schwartze, p. 6. “Atque erat lux tota secum invicem. Erat tribus modis, atque erat alter praestantior altero, infinito modo. Secundus, qui in medio, praestabat primo inferiori (sc. loco posito), et tertius, superior istis omnibus, praestabat secundo inferiori. Et primus splendor positus est infra haec omnia, similis luci, quae venit super Iesum, antequam adscendit in caela, et aequalis sibi erat valde quoad suum lumen. Atque tres modi luminis erant variae lucis et erant vario TUPW aliis aliis praestantibus infinito modo.”
X See Appendix H.

Investigation of the Cabala.

of the cube, linking the first point with the three next in order of remoteness, and these lines, on the scale now determined, measure each 100 × Ö2, or 141.42 – their total, 424.26, being integrally expressed as 424 or 425 by substituting unity for the fraction. Finally, there is the One ray leading diametrically across the cube to the opposite point, and the measure of this is 100 × Ö3, or 173.205. Call this 173. Thus we have for the total of the Seven rays the sum 300 + 424.5 + 173, which is 897 or 898 and may with equal propriety be taken as either, as the actual figure is halfway between. Hence we find in Gematria that whereas 897 gives AI Z EN TH ASIA EKKLHSIA, 898 is the number by gematria of OI Z ASTERES, the seven stars or rays which are the angels of the seven Churches.

In the three incommensurable orders of magnitude derived from the measures of the cube we have clearly a very suggestive parallel to the description in the Pistis Sophia of the three kinds of Light in the Lord’s ENDUMA, which we are told vary in the quality of their beams (variae lucis) and in the incommensurable nature of their proportions (vario TUPW aliis aliis praestantibus infinito modo).

What are the authors of this old book trying to tell us? Let us assume that they really mean something – that they have a rational idea which they are trying to express. With this assumption let us endeavour to see what sort of parallel modern science can offer to the interpretation we have placed upon the ‘seven rays’ and the three cardinal measures of the Cube.

Those who have studied the physics of Light will know that the reputed Seven colours of the spectrum are really Three, and three only, the Red, the Green and the

The Key Applied.

Violet-blue. And these occupy a certain part of the field, indefinite as to its boundaries, but having an acme of intensity at or near the centre of each section. Near the centre of the spectrum, at a point where the purest green is observed, is the position of one of the fixed lines of colour known as Frauenhofer's E line. There are other such lines, lettered A to H, distributed over the field, and these are measured according to their wavelength, in inverse order to their frequency, and the lengths are given in what are called tenth-metres (see Ganot's Physics).

The whole series of light-rays comprises those whose wave-length varies from a little more than 7600 tenth-metres in the extreme Red to a little less than 3900 in the extreme Violet - altogether about an octave of light. Now if we take our Green ray at about line E or 5270 in measure, then our series must be as follows:-

Red 7453 . . . . or 5270 × Ö2
Green 5270
Violet 4302 . . . . or 7453 ¸ Ö3

and this is remarkable, because 7453 brings us to the intense Red close to Frauenhofer's A line (7604) and between it and B, whilst 4302 for the Violet brings us to the point of the most intense deep Blue, and practically on to Frauenhofer's line G, which is 4307.

We must be content to leave our instructed readers to judge as to the real nature of so striking an approximation. If, on further investigation, the parallel appears based on undeniable physical fact, then a few more such instances may go far to rehabilitate the lost wisdom of Antiquity. And if it be true that the data of the colour-scale - which are derived from molecular motions - are indeed founded upon harmonics whose source is not, as

Investigation of the Cabala.

in the case of Sound and other physical measure, based upon the interaction of forces having whole-number proportionals, but upon those mysterious entities, the Roots of Two and Three, then we are face to face with a condition pointing to a genesis of motion in a region of space unknown to us, and wherein the dynamic laws operate in a relation quite unfamiliar. It looks as if a fourth, and interior dimension must be assumed, and is this not precisely what some physicists say of the Atom, that it must possess some substance in a fourth direction?


A beautiful extension of this geometrical scheme and one which arrests the attention on account of its scope, precision, and fidelity to the Christian dogma is discovered in the following.

The first Cube, which is the Cube of One, presents, in the diagram, seven points or angles at which the edges meet, but the second, which is the cube of Two, exhibits Nineteen such points, and the third, the cube of Three, shows Thirty-seven. These are of course the differences of the first three cubes; viz., 8 - 1, 27 - 8, and 64 - 27. If instead of drawing the outlines of the cubes, we indicate these angles by clusters of points, the resulting figures may be termed Metacubes, as they register these cube-differences, which are of prime importance in the Gematria (see p. 32).

Now when we come to analyse the Names, Titles, or Epithets of Our Lord in the Scriptures, the extraordinary fact becomes apparent that in an altogether disproportionately large number of cases, these names, etc., are by Gematria, multiples of 37. For example, there is the word QEOTHS - Deity or Divinity (Godhead), by Gematria

The Key Applied.

592 or 37 × 16, which added to IHSOUS - 888, gives us 1480, the number of CRISTOS. IHSOUS is 37 × 24, and CRISTOS, 37 × 40. Note again that they are all divisible by Eight.

IHSOUS CRISTOS is 2368 or 37 × 64, and 64 is the number of ALHQEIA. And it has a Gematria equivalent the following among many others.


For IHSOUS 888 there are numerical equivalents in LOGOS ESTI, ¢H ZWH EIMI and numerous others. For CRISTOS an alternative on the number 1480 appears in ¢UIOS KURIOS and another in ¢H QEOTHS UIOU - the Divinity of the Son, whilst ¢H ¢AGIWSUNH - Holiness (Ep. Rom. 1. 4) has the same number, as has also the name given to the Lord's Table by the early Christians - ¢H TRAPEZA MUSTIKH.

As ¢UPARXIS - Substance, or real possession, His number is 851 or 37 × 23 as ¢O ¢AGIOS ISRAHL it is 703 or 19 × 37. ¢H SWTHRIA ISRAHL is 1776 or 2 × 888, and TO SWTHRION ISRAHL, the other form, is 2257 or 37 × 61, in which also we find KIBWTOS NWE - a remarkable parallel. But it were tedious here to enumerate even a small part of these. A fuller list is given in the Appendix.

We have noted the fact that QEOTHS - Divinity = 592, added to the 888 of IHSOUS, give us 1480 = CRISTOS, but even more striking is the fact that when all three are added together we have 2960 which is ¢UIOS TOU ANQRWPOU - Son of Man, the term so often employed by our Lord in speaking of Himself. The component words are multiples of Eight, the Dominical number, as well as of 37, and the number of IHSOUS CRISTOS is 2368 or 37 × 64. The latter number is the

Investigation of the Cabala.

Square of Eight symbolising a yet greater perfection from the fact that it is also a Cube number. And it contains the number of the Truth - ALHQEIA. = 64.

Sixty-four is the cube of Four, but the cube of Three will give us graphically this number of points, in the intersections of the lines which are the boundaries of its component cubes.

Now, of these 64 points, which may be considered to represent the truth in its completeness, only a certain number can be apprehended by the sight. Thirty-seven is the total visible at any one time. The number 37 may thus imply the Manifestation in visible form to Man of God's ALHQEIA. Eight are within the Cube, and the whole number of surface points is 56, and 56 × 37 or 2072 the number of ¢H GEWMETRIA KOSMOU, etc.

Now as 37 is to 64 - the revealed Truth, to the unmanifest - so is 888, the number of Jesus, to 1536. And 1536 is ¢H GEWMETRIA ALHQEIAS.

Yet more astonishing is the result when we go back to the second cube-difference, namely 19, which is 27 minus 8. Just as 37, the third cube-difference, is the basic number of the Christos series of names, so is 19 that of the names and titles of the Virgin Mary.

Again, we may depict 19 as the number of visible points on the surface of the Cube of Two, in it symmetric aspect, the true total being 26. Now, as

19 : 37 :: 456 : 888.
And 456 is the number of MHTHR. - the Mother.

The Key Applied.

456 then is the number of visible points, each counted as 24, whilst the invisible counterpart is 8 × 24, or 192, the number of MARIAM, so that the whole number is that of MARIAM MHTHR - Mary the Mother. MARIAM is the spelling of the name chosen by St. Luke, who, curiously enough, makes a distinction between her and the other Maries, who are given the number 152 (MARIA), and 152 is 8 × 19.

Lastly, let us compare the full numbers 37 × 64 and 19 × 64.

19 × 64 37 × 64
1216 2368
¢H Mhthr h QeotokoV ¢IhsouV CristoV

And if each of the 64 cubes in the cube of 4 be reckoned as 40, then the whole cube will be 2560 or 10 times the fourth power of Four, which is the sum of 2368 and 192 (IhsouV CristoV and Mariam), then the number of the visible points will be 37 × 40 or 1480 = CRISTOS, whilst the concealed number will be 27 × 40 or 1080 the number of TO ¢AGION PNEUMA - the Holy Ghost. 2560 is ¢O TOPOS TOU KURIOU,* so this may be analysed either as a geometrical Fourth power, typical of the Higher or Transcendental World; or on the theological side as the union of two principles, of which the two above-given instances are expressive. It will also be seen from the foregoing that

IHSOUS = 888
MARIAM = 192
together give 1080 = TO ¢AGION PNEUMA

In this connection the following may be regarded as worthy of note.

Twice 888, the number of Jesus, is 1776, for which, in

* Or o nouV tou kuriou.

Investigation of the Cabala.

the Biblical Gematria, we find the expression ¢H SWTHRIA ISRAHL. There is some reason to think that the doctrine of the Holy Trinity is concealed in the phrase, for it represents the three Godheads, being 3 × 592, or QEOTHS. And the parallels in the Gematria are not a little astonishing; as witness-

QEOTHS = 592 PATHR = 489 ¢O QEOS = 354
¢AGIOTHS = 592 UIOS = 680 ¢H MHTHR = 464
AGAQOTHS = 592 kai PNEUMA = 607 ¢O IHSOUS = 958
1776 1776 1776

The number 1119 is important as being that of the name of the Baptist, mystically communicated by the Angel to Zacharias.

The name, among the Hebrews, was not a common one and means ‘Jah is Gracious’. We are not, as in the case of the name IHSOUS, bound to regard the particular mode of spelling as invariable, but as IWANNHS - 1119 it plainly has a mystical teaching in connection with the Baptism of Jesus containing as it does the threefold potency of the LOGOS (1119 = 3 × 373 LOGOS) and herein we may trace a foreshadowing of the triple manifestation of God's Essence at the Baptism. And the name IWANNHS is linked to that of Jesus, since by Gematria ONOMA IHSOUS, is 1119,* and this again is

* The number of the Metacube, Onoma metakubon, see Appendix D.

The Key Applied.

¢O PETROS = 825
(The Church and her Foundation)

Light and Baptism were two ideas peculiarly associated in the teaching of the early Church. IEOU in the Gnostic Books is the ‘Bishop of Light’,* and his number is 485. If to this number we add 634, the number of BAPTISMA, we have 1119. But this is not a mere addition of two chance numbers. It is the union of two geometrical aeons. Take 485 in this illustration as the area of an equilateral triangle. Set that triangle within the square raised on the same base and the area of the triangle being 485, that of the square will be 1119, their difference being 634. IWANNHS is related to the Power of Light precisely as the Logos is, by geometry, related to the Aeon. For each pair of words is expressive of the relation of the Square to the Triangular area, thus IWANNHS - 1119 is the area of an equilateral triangle on the same base as the square 2583 - which is ¢H DUNAMIS FWTOS - the Power of Light, and LOGOS 373 is similarly related to AIWN 861.

Other parallels may be detected in the numeration 1119 as Ai z lucniai - The Seven Lamps, or ¢HlioV A.W. In connection with the latter it may be noted that both SS. John are solstitial Saints.

* The ‘Cube’ of Light, see Appendix H.

Investigation of the Cabala.

FWNH 1358.
The Voice or Sound is the Power that brings the Worlds into manifestation. The Acts of Creation are rendered thus in Scripture ‘And GOD said’. And it is the Word, the LOGOS of God which is the Builder of the Aeons. FWNH, then, is the power of which LOGOS is the articulate manifestation.

FWNH has the number 1358 which is also the number of the altar - Qusiasthion: also of the Gnosis as:-

EPIGNWSIS = Perfect Knowledge.
¢H MEGALH GNWSIS = The Great Knowledge.
GNWSIS KAI ALHQEIA = Knowledge and Truth.

FWS - Light, the First Creation of God by the power of His Word, has the number 1500. It is by these two principles that GOD is manifested and the two form a duplicate Pleroma of Fulness, which is the treasury of light.

1358 + 1500 = 2858 = 2 × 1429,
and 1429 = TO PLERWMA - The Fulness.
= QHSAUROS FWTOS - Treasury of Light.*

¢H FWNH BOWNTOS - The Voice of One crying - is again 2858, and is the sum of the LOGOS - 373, IWANNHS - 1119, and ¢H FWNH - 1366.

CRISTOS -1480, and BAPTISMA - 634, unite to make 2114 which is the number of the Way of the Lord - ¢ODOS TOU KURIOU. And as FWNH EN EPHMW the Voice in the Wilderness is 2366, identical by Gematria with the Voice of the Lord - ¢H FWNH KURIOU, and with Jesus the Saviour - IHSOUS ¢O SWTHR. if to this 2366 be added the number of BAPTISMA - 634, there appears the number of the Fulness of Christ, the PLERWMA CRISTOU - 2739, which is also that of the

* See both Gnostic Books.

The Key Applied.

High Priest of God - the MEGAS ¢IEREUS TOU KURIOU, and by addition of unity becomes 2740 - ¢IEREUS KATA THN TAXIN MELCISEDEK - Priest after the order of Melchisedek.

He who cries in the Wilderness - ¢O BOWN EN EPHMW - is 2000, and this is the sum of ¢H FWNH - 1366, and BAPTISMA - 634.

¢H FWNH and ¢O BOWN - 1366 + 992, are together 2358, which is FWNH KURIOU. ¢H ¢ODOS and ¢O BOWN - 352 + 992 are together 1344 = ¢ODOS KURIOU.

There is here a perfect arithmetical correspondence which no mere juggling with numbers will explain. The several words, single and combined, are, as it were, members of one body, the soul animating which is a doctrinal significance pervading the whole.

Take the next passage. In Luke iii. 3 we find the expression ‘Baptism of Repentance’. Now ¢H METANOIA - Repentance - has the number 485, which, as already shewn, is that of IEOU, the Greek Tetragrammaton of the Coptic Gnostic books, ‘Bishop of Light’, and Divinity of Truth. And 485 is the complement of 634 - BAPTISMA - in the number of the first Aeon of those Books, which is 1119, the number of the Threefold LOGOS and of IWANNHS. In this, then, we have another Cabala of 1119, teaching that the name of John signifies Baptism and Repentance.

Again in the following verse occur the words ‘Make His paths straight’. The word for ‘path’ is TRIBOS, and the paths of the Lord are therefore TRIBOI KURIOU = 1492, which is not only the value of the text-word BOWNTOS - of One Crying - but is the sum of 1119 IWANNHS, and 373 LOGOS - and hence a quadruple LOGOS (373 × 4 = 1492). This most interesting number is represented in Gematria by the epithet of Our Lord found in I. Cor. xv. 45 - the Last Adam - ¢O

Investigation of the Cabala.

ESCATOS ADAM, the Gemellus Soter of Schwartze's translation, now restored as ¢O DISWTHR = 1492. The parallelism of ideas is very obvious.

But however remarkable the arithmetical correspondence shewn in the above examples, it would be of inferior importance unless the numbers themselves had some intrinsic meaning derived from their essential nature. What is really of importance is the fact that all these numbers are of one order and can be expressed as a mathematical or algebraical series, representative of fundamental principles in the geometry of the Aeons. What this series is we shall endeavour to make clear. It is concerned with the successive operation of the Generative Power of the number Three, arithmetically symbolised by certain whole numbers chosen to represent the irrational quantities or surds which denote the triangular and other kindred measures in which the root of three is to be traced. Thus, for example, the aeonial relation of the side of an equilateral triangle to its altitude is as 1000 to 866 +, and that of the breadth of a rhombus of two equilateral triangles to its length, is as 1000 to 1732 +, or as One to the Root of Three. The Key-number of the series is found by abstracting from Three its own Root, thus (raising all values by 1000 to cover fractions, according to the usual method).

minus 1732
= 1268 = Ex ou ta panta.
¢H alhqosunh Qeou.
¢H ousia h megalh Qeou.

This is the Building Number, that which geometrises (Gewmetrei). It contains the potency of the double BAPTISMA - 634 + 634 = 1268.

From this we can proceed to build several series as follows-

The Key Applied.

1634 Baptisma Kuriou. AriqmoV BaptismatoV, etc.
+ 634
h odoV tou pneumatoV.

The Annunciation

MARIA = 152 = alhqeia nikh.
+ AggeloV = 312
reveal ¢H Mhthr = 464
+ ¢H agia TriaV = 634
¢H ekporeusiV = 1098 (The Procession of the Holy Ghost.)
= *Maria× to pneuma.
+ Baptisma = 634
¢H arch zwhV = 1732 (Ö3 × 1000) ¢O lucnoV aggeloV.
+ 634
IHSOUS ¢O SWTHR = 2366 ½(3 + Ö3) × 1000 FwV Adwnai.
X(fwnh en erhmw)
+ agion enduma = 634
Probolh tou fwtoV = 3000 3 × 1000 LucnoV tou uiou.
= FwV× enduma kuriou.

* There is very early Christian authority for this in the ‘Gospel according to the Hebrews’ quoted by Origen and St. Jerome. See also ‘Acts of St. Thomas’.
X Whence it will be seen that the fwnh en erhmw is the germ of the threefold logoV, plus the power of Baptism, and that by the second operation of the same power the Trinity itself becomes manifest. It will be remembered in this connection that IwannhV stands for the triple LOGOS. Three is the number of the greatest and most profound of the Christian Mysteries - the Persons of the Godhead - and the aeonial mystery which the teaching of the Gematria presents is that which lies within and beyond this - the Generative principle in the Bosom of the Father. Our demonstration should serve to indicate how valuable the Gematria may be for the conservation of the purity of the text, and how great its corroborative value; and further than this, it will show to what extent the original shade of meaning resident in such words as Baptisma may have been lost in the mere idea of the rite, and how the spiritual conception may regain definiteness by the restoration of the key of the GNOSIS.

Investigation of the Cabala.


Enduma = 500
+ ADWNAI = 866
¢H Fwnh = 1366 ½(1 + Ö3) × 1000.
+ Baptisma = 634
¢O bwon en erhmw = 2000 enduma fwV


Baptisma = 634
+ ADWNAI = 866
= FWS = 1500 = ½(3 × 1000).

Readers will easily discover other series for themselves. We have shewn the correspondences evoked by the addition of number to number, or by the converse method of subtraction, but from the nature of the series, which has to do with geometrical quantities, it will be found that processes of multiplication or division are wont to give similar results. Thus, for example, 1500, the number of Light, if divided by 634, gives us 2366, the digits of IHSOUS ¢O SWTHR, and if this be again divided by 634 the digits 3,732 are produced, in Gematria 373 - the Logos, and representing the formula 2 + Ö3.

It has been said of the Tenth Book of Euclid, which is the development of all the preceding ones, and deals with these ‘irrational quantities’, that it is “one of the most curious of Greek speculations. In this work Euclid

The Key Applied.

had evidently in mind the classification of incommensurable quantities: perhaps the circumference of the circle, which we know to have been an object of enquiry, was suspected of being incommensurable with its diameter, and hopes were perhaps entertained that a searching attempt to arrange the Incommensurables which ordinary geometry presents might enable the geometer to say finally to which, if any of them, the circle belongs. However this may be, Euclid investigates, by isolated methods, and in a manner which, unless he has a concealed algebra, is more astonishing than anything in the Elements, every possible variety of lines which can be represented by the formula

Ö(Öa ± Öb)

a and b representing two incommensurable lines. He divides lines which can be represented by this formula into 25 species and he succeeds in detecting every possible species. He shews that every individual of every species is incommensurable with with all the individuals of every other species; and also that no line of any species can belong to that species in two different ways, or for two different sets of values a and b.”*

The Gematria seems to reflect this intention and to apply it to the description of the aeons and their formative principles as the intellectual counterpart of spiritual things. The wise men of old knew that the Mind of man was geometrical, being but a reflection of the Mind of God: but so little did the Church of the monastic ages care for geometry that Euclid came back to Europe through the Arabic!

* See Smith's Dictionary of Latin and Greek Biography, sub ‘EUCLID’ (italics ours).

Investigation of the Cabala.


In Six days the Universe was created. Mystically, Six is the formative principle of the Cosmos and Geometry gives her warrant to this.

In the Gematria this Sixfold nature is constantly expressed. In the APORROIA 432 or 6 × 72, the name for that quality by which objects become visibly manifest; in the PROBOLH or Spatial projection which is 360, in the TOPOS which is 720 or 6 × 120, and in the KOSMOS itself, whose number is 600, we find always this guiding principle. But the Parent, whose immanence in his work gives Life, is the One, and hence the Unity must be added to give the Numbers of Perfection. So 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, the first seven formative numbers, become by this addition 7, 13, 19, 25, 31, 37, and 43.

And the last, raised by the power of Ten, is the number of NOMOS - the Law, and of Number itself - ARIQMOS. And why this number is chosen for the purpose of symbolising the controlling factor is, on geometric grounds, quite clear, and capable of satisfactory proof, but all that can here be said is, that it controls, unites, and harmonises the measures of circles and rectilinear figures in a manner that no other simple number could do.

Now one of the Key Words in the Gnostic Gematria is MUSTHRION, and TO MUSTHRION is 1548, which is 36 × 43, implying the Law operating in all Creation. And this number is also the number of the Incommensurable Line, the GRAMMH ASUMMETROS which in its generic sense is the parent of Rational Form and Whole Things - the Manifestations of the Aeons.

And the first of these Incommensurables is the Root of TWO, represented by the digits 14142. The Voice of the Lord, the FWNH KURIOU, sounds once and generates the number 2358 (these digits expressing an incommensurable

The Key Applied.

quantity, rather nearer 2357). Twice it sounds and the number 4714 appears; a third time and the digits 7071 come to view, a fourth brings 9428 (22/7 × 3000), a fifth, and we have 1178.5, which is the number of MUSTHRION or a Musthrion -1178 or 1179, both expressions being employed. A sixth time the Voice sounds, and there appears the perfect aeon 14142, or Ö2 × 10,000. the series may otherwise, and perhaps more fitly, be expressed as commencing with Unity, thus,

1, 2357, 4714, 7071, 9428, 11785, 14142.

The First Mystery is the Mystery of the ALFA - The Last or 24th Mystery is the Mystery of the WMEGA. The 24 Musthria correspond to the 24 letters of the Greek Alphabet, with their three Ogdoads, or groups of Eight (in which Marcus the Gnostic traced the 888 of the Master). And 14142 divided by 24 gives the digits of the Penterema (589).

But when the Pistis Sophia tells us that the First Mystery is also the 24th Mystery, a riddle offers itself for solution, and this riddle can only be solved by reference to the Geometry of the A and the W. The clue is supplied in the first instance by the reference in an early Christian hymn* to the A and W in the similitude of the Triangle and the Square or Lozenge, to which forms these letters may easily be seen to approximate. The next clue is in the word WMEGA itself which by Gematria is SCHMA - a Form, the number being 849.

Now there is evidence in the Gematria that there are two ways in which a value may be expressed, namely, either in the ordinary way, or by its reciprocal, the number produced by its division into Unity.

* (Communicated.) It is regretted that at the moment of going to press this reference cannot be verified.

Investigation of the Cabala.

Thus when 849, the Omega, is divided into 1,000,000, the reciprocal is found to be 1178, the number of the first Mystery, the MUSTHRION, so that the number of the first Mystery is only the arithmetical counterpart of the number of the last, and the statement of the Pistis Sophia is to be comprehended in this sense.

But 1178 or 1179 are both expressions for geometrical values having reference to the Root of Two, and in particular are associated with that peculiarly Triangular solid, the Tetrahedron, for .117859 is the Solidity of a Tetrahedron whose edge is 1.000 in length, and the volume of the corresponding cube is 1.000. But if the volume of the Tetrahedron is 1.000, then that of the Cube or Omega figure is to be expressed as 849 (i.e. 8.49).

The sixth term of the series, Fwnh Kuriou, is, as we have seen, 14142, expressive of the perfect aeon, and taking this number as the sum of the mysteries of this (alphabetical) order, let us divide by 24, the number of the letters, and we obtain the digits 589,in Gematria the PENTERHMA, the key-word of a certain passage in the Pistis Sophia, recovered by Dr. Lea. The passage in question runs as follows (Schwartze): ‘Et inveni musthrion in meo endumati scriptum in quique verbis (penterhma) quae pertinent ad altitudinem . . . .

Zama zama wzza racama wzai.

The number of the ENDUMA, in which this mystery is to be sought, is 500 - one of the Lord's three robes of Light, which jointly make 1500 FWS. Divide this 500 by the 11785 of the MUSTHRION, and there appear the digits 4242 nearly. And 4242 is the sum, by Gematria, of the following:

Musthrion a penterhma zama zama wzza racama wzai.

And 4242, divide by the number of the ENDUMA again gives the 849 of the Wmega.

The Key Applied.

In such strange guise does this old Gnostic work give the kernel of the knowledge concerning these fundamental things of geometry. But the passage quoted goes on to say that the Zama, etc., has a solution. We give the whole of this passage in the words of Schwartze's translation.

‘Factum igitur est, quum sol exortus esset in locis orientis descendit magna dunamiV lucis, in qua meum enduma, quod posui in vicesimo quarto musthriw, sicuti jam dixi vobis nunc. Et inveni musthrion in meo endumati, scriptum in quinque verbis (pertinent) ad altitudinem: zama zama wzza racama wzai, cuius est soluto: musthrion, quod est extra in kosmw (to exwteron en kosmw) cuius causa universum factum est, hoc est egresio omnis et elatio omnis,* hoc projecit emanationes omnes et haec, quae sunt in istis omnibus. Et huius causa musthrion quodquod factum est atque etiam eorum topoi omnes. Veni ad nos, quod nos socia tua melh. Nos Autem (de) omnes tecum quoque. Nos unus idemque atque (tu es) unus idemque (sc. tecum et nobiscum).

‘Istud est primum musthrion quod factum est ab initio in hoc, qui ineffibilis, antequam prohlqe: atque nomen illius nos omnes sumus.’

Here is the statement clearly made - that the first mystery (1178.5) was made in that which is ¢O ARRHTOS (849) - the Ineffable - before it came forth. And who are the We?

¢H monaV en triadi = 849 = ¢H triaV en monadi.
¢O teleioV anhr: = 849 = Wmega.

Dr. Lea restores the Greek of Schwartze's translation ‘in quinque verbis’ as penterhma - here following on known models. if musthrion is the rhma, the digits of the Penterhma should have some sort of correspondence. PENTERHMA is by Gematria 589, and this sum, divided by .5, produces 1178 = Musthrion. This seems good enough. Penterhma, then as 589 stands for the volume of an octahedron within the Tetrahedron which is the Musthrion, and is half the solidity of the latter.

But the Octahedron, whose edges are equal in measure

* The “egressio omnis et elatio omnis” might be restored as ¢H Panarcia and ¢H Panteleia - 851 + 490 - total 1341 = ¢O StauroV - The Cross.

Investigation of the Cabala.

to those of the tetrahedron and the Cube of the Omega, has a volume four times greater than that of Tetrahedron, and consequently 4.712 at this (the lesser) computation.

And 4712 is the Gematria value of the words


so that with this we have a series embracing Four related Solids, and representing the first three regular or platonic bodies, and each of their cubic contents or volumes is recorded with a precision quite extraordinary. There is first the innermost octahedron, the penterhma, next the tetrahedron containing it, which is the musthrion, then the outer octahedron, the musthrion penterhma to exwteron en kosmw, and finally the Cube, the Wmega and last mystery.*

The discovery of this series lays a secure foundation for the prosecution of further research and indicates in no uncertain manner the course that such research may now be permitted to take. What may be its destined influence in the sphere of theological studies it is not as yet easy to forecast, but the potentialities are vast and the fields opened to the view of scholars present an almost illimitable perspective.


(to a¢ entalma patroV - The First Precept of the Father.)

As an instance of the more obvious kind of Gematria to be found in the Coptic Gnostic books, the following is

* See Table, Appendix F.
X Representing ¼(3Ö3 + 1) × 1000.

The Key Applied.

given. On p. 13 of Schwartze's translation of the Pistis Sophia, par. 13, the second ENDUMA is spoken of in the following terms:-

“Et hoc enduma . . . est in eo gloria nominis musthriou, mhneutou, quod idem est primum preceptum, atque musthrion quinque caragmwn, et musthrion magni presbeutou huius, qui est ineffabilis, quod idem est magnum ludem. . . .”

The reader will note the peculiar spelling of presbeuthV for presbuthV and of mhneuthV for mhnuthV

The enduma is one of the three great Robes of Light which are the vesture of the Lord, and are connected with the first mystery - that of the Alpha, which is the last mystery.*

Now TO A¢ MUSTHRION = 1549,
and the MEGA ENDUMA KURIOU = 1549,
but this is also MEGA FWS = 1549,
and, by the variation of the spelling, MEGAS PRESBEUTHS = 1549.

So far, the coincidences are clearly of a nature which precludes any reasonable theory of chance, but this is not all. These endumata are the robes of Jesus, and are of the nature of the Aeons, and the Aeon of Jesus is

AIWN IHSOU = 1549.

The Gnostic books are also full of references to the CWRHMA, apparently a geometrical aeon, since it is found in connection with all the others, and

CWRHMA = 1549.

It is also the number of the pneumatikoV logoV, and, in the Orphic mysteries, of the founder of the mysteries -


* Readers may trace a connected symbolism in the Three Yellow Robes worn by the Buddhist priesthood.

Investigation of the Cabala.

And finally, as Light (fws mega), it is the number of the First Precept of the Omnipotent -


As evident in the baptisma series and elsewhere unmistakably in the Gematria, the Creative Logos of Light is indicated by the Root of Three.*

Regarding, then, the 1549 of this Mysterion as the arithmetical sign of this Power, let us look at its parent number.

Now as

Ö3 : 3 :: 1549 : 2683,
2683 is the parent Number, indicative of the Creator of Light, and we find this is, in Gematria, the value of the all-important

(The Pleroma, or Fulness, of God.)

and it is the number of the Creative Fiat ‘Let there be Light!’ for


Light is in very truth the Aeon of all Power, and

(The Almighty Aeon.)

These magnificent words, so grand, so simple and telling, all occurring on this individual number, bespeak some great principle to be looked for in the number itself, for no casual choice could have determined so grave a matter. And here we shall not be disappointed, for 2683 is again one of those numbers which is in perfect geometrical accord with those of Light and Baptism in the series we have given. For 2683 is one-half of 5366, and 5366 is 3 × 1500 plus 866 - ADWNAI with a triple vesture of Light (FWS

* Logos fws = 1873 = Logos kata Musthrion - the title of the Book of IEOU or ¢H Ekklhsia tou A×W, and 1873.2 = (17 + Ö3) × 100.

The Key Applied.

= 1500). And here Adonai and Jesus are one in the Gematria, for this is the Jesus Christ the Righteous of I. John ii. 2, who is the propitiation for the sins of the world,


The two related numbers are capable of a perfectly simple algebraical expression, and it may be well to shew this as an example of the law which governs the genuine Gematria for the definition of ideas concerning the Nature and Works of God.

To arrive at this we have to postulate the powers of the number Ten as being figurative of the the Ineffable Source of All, allowing that it may be a fitting symbol of that Ineffable, whilst carefully avoiding the common error of a superstitious attribution to the number itself, this being a symbol and a symbol only. Ten, in this connection, is the sum of the first four arithmetical powers, 1 + 2 + 3 + 4, the Tetractys of the Pythagoreans.* These powers first exist as the simple Monad, Dyad, Triad, and Tetrad. Their Squares are the foundation of Form (viz. 1, 4, 9 and 16). Now 1 + 4 = 5, and 1 + 9 = 10, 16 - 1 = 15, 16 + 4 = 20, and 16 + 9 = 25. In this lies the unique geometrical basis of the Denary system of Number which the sages of old gave to the world, and to which the world has found it necessary to adhere. But these whole-number powers are Static Powers, and the Active Powers or Logoi are in the roots of the Two and the Three, and the Creative Logos of Light is the Root of Three.

Hence the Gnostic conception of Deity as the Source of Light may be described mathematically in reference to this Gematria as

¼(9 + Ö3) × 1000, which is 2683 - To Plhrwma tou Qeou,

* Which appears in the Gnostic systems (cf. Iranaeus).

Investigation of the Cabala.

and His number may be further analysed into the following homogeneous parts,

(1) ¼(3 + Ö3) × 1000 = 1183 = GENHQHTW -Let there Be!
(2) ¼(3 + 3) × 1000 = 1500 = FWS -Light!

so that ¼(3 + Ö3) × 1000 is the Creative Principle,
and ¼(3 + 3) × 1000 is the First Creature - FWS,

and the Creative Fiat - To a¢ entalma patroV - has the number 1549, which is expressed algebraically as

(3 + Ö3) / (4 × Ö3) × 1000.


Perfect symmetry of Form is typical of Regenerate and perfected Nature and the means whereby geometrical perfections can be expressed in literary form is by the use of number. But the numbers related to geometric form are mainly incommensurables, and for the purpose of the Gematria a whole-number convention has to be achieved, whereby each value shall be rationally represented and with approximate truth.

One of these integrating numbers is 153, the number of the Fishes in the unbroken net, in the miracle recorded in St. John xxi. This number was held by the Fathers to signify the Number of the Elect. And it is a very important example of the general method of of the Gematria, since it stands for the harmonising of the Root, or Generative Power of THREE, with Unity. For the

The Key Applied.

benefit of readers who may be interested, we propose shortly to explain this ‘mystery’ on its mathematical side.

Numbers under 100 are easy to use in calculation and afford a convenient foundation for the building up of larger series by process of addition or multiplication. Hence some number or numbers less than 100 which might stand for this quantity would be a desideratum. There are three or more of such numbers, and three in particular which give a very close approximation to the truth - so close as abundantly to satisfy the purpose of the Gematria.

The first of these nunbers is 26, which is the equivalent in Gematria of the Hebrew Tetragrammmaton hvhy IHVH - Jehovah - or more properly Jahweh.

The second is 71, the foundation of the Greek Tetragram QEOS = God, which has the number 284, or 4 × 71.

The third and most perfect is formed by the union of the two foregoing. 26 + 71 = 97, and this is the foundation of the mystical Greek Tetragrammmaton IEOU = 485 or 5 × 97.

26 is 15 × Ö3, 71 is 41 × Ö3, and 97 is 56 × Ö3,

so that 15 : 26
41 : 71
56 : 97 whose sum = 153

are all expressive of the ratio 1 : Ö3. All these numbers are the foundation of series having accordant meanings in the Gematria and by their union other concordances are framed. 97 + 56 is 153, and this is one of the principal numbers of this order. It symbolises Unity plus the generative power of the Three.

Eight being the number of the Saviour, and 153 that of the saved, the process of salvation is accomplished by the Net, which as TO DIKTUON has the number 8 × 153, or 1224, which number the fishes ICQUES (= 1224) may

Investigation of the Cabala.

also claim. And it is the number of ¢O PATRIKOS LOGOS - The Word of the Father. The Net of Salvation is also figured as the Walls of the Heavenly City, a foursquare figure - TA TEICI - the Walls = 1224, and within the square lies the citadel, a circle of the same breadth whose measure is the measure of the New Jerusalem - ¢H KAINI ¢IEROUSALHM = 961, which is Heaven (o ouranoV).

The ICQUES rng¢ are thus 1377, equal to the Net and the 153, and this is the number in Gematria of the A× W with the PNEUMA, and of the EUAGGELION KOSMOU.

This rationalising of irrational quantities, and integrating of fractional numbers appears to be generally regarded in the Teaching of the Cabala as a type and symbol of Salvation. And the relation found to subsist between certain words, such as SWTHR - Saviour, and ICQUS - Fish, which is typical of a very numerous class, furnishes an excellent demonstration of the fact. The two words are found to have numbers related as 2:Ö3, or as the diameter of a circle to the side of an equilateral triangle within that circle. Reference to Euclid, Bk. I., prop. 1, will shew that the latter line lies within the intersection of two equal circles, and is the measure of the ‘Vesica’ formed by their intersection. The historic and traditional importance of this Cabala, coupled with the extraordinary nature of the Gematria found to be connected with it, call for special mention.

The Key Applied.


ICQUS. 1219.
Icthys, the Fish is well-known as a frequent symbol of the Christian Faith, occurring in early inscriptions. As a natural type, it has an allegorical meaning, which may be rendered thus. The Fish, though living in the salt sea, is not penetrated by saltness. Even so, Jesus incarnate in a world full of sin, is Himself free from sin, and His followers are also made free, those who are caught up in His net being saved from the salt waters.

The Gematria of the Icthys has survived in the Sybilline Acrostic, IhsouV CreistoV Qeou ¢UioV Swthr, the initials of which spell ICQUS.

But in the orthodox Gematria it is now clearly seen to have a prominent place, and its teaching is reinforced in the language of geometry and mathematical symbol. There can be no doubt that it is the same Mystery of the Icthys which is traditional in sacred art and architecture, in the form of the Vesica Piscis. In this geometrical guise it is everywhere met with in ecclesiastical buildings of the mediaeval era, both as latent in the plan and proportions of Christian Temples, and apparent in the ornamental detail, where it is often associated with sculptured figures of Christ or of the Virgin.

The Vesica, as the diagram shews, is formed by the intersection of the arcs of two equal circles, and it contains a double equilateral triangle, AEBF, the figure of the Rhombus. The proportions of breadth to length, of Rhombus or Vesica, are as One to the Root of Three, and here we are again in the presence of the same geometrical teaching of the genesis of the Logos from the One, the Father, the Mystery of the Virgin Conception and Birth of the Logos of Truth.

The Vesica, by its measure of length, is the IcquV

Investigation of the Cabala.

(1219 in Gematria), and the Diameter of the circle has a corresponding measure of 1408 = Swthr - Saviour. And 1408:1219, expresses with fair accuracy the ratio 2:Ö3, since 1408 × .866 = 1219.328. Either arm of the Cross formed by these two lines will thus be 609.66, integrated in Gematria as 610 = Xulon - The Cross.

These numbers give us the foundation of a whole geometric series whose Gematria is found to be no less harmonious. This we will now place before our readers. The first terms we find to be ParqenoV - the Virgin = 515, and the Virgin Conception - ¢H katabolh h parqenia = 704 - which is also the Conception of Truth - h katabolh aliqeiaV or the Higher Truth Itself - h ourania aliqeia.

But 704 is half 1408 - swthr, and is thus the radius of the circle. And this is the geometrical Unit, and will figure in our series as 1.


parqenoV 515
+ h katabolh alhqeiaV 704 *
= ¢O LogoV ek patroV 1219 which is IcquV.

Hence we now have the first four terms of a mathematical series with an accordant teaching in Gematria, and a geometrical illustration, and these we may express as follows.

(1) 704 × 1.00 = 704 h katabolh alhqeiaV
(2) 704 × 2.00 = 1408 SWTHR - Saviour.

* Representing 10,000 / (9 + 3Ö3) (i.e. 704.4 etc.).

The Key Applied.

(3) 704 × (Ö3 - 1) = 515 PARQENOS - the Virgin.
(4) 704 × Ö3 = 1219 ICQUS, also
KatabasiV Qeou.
¢Ermhneia kuriou.
(h gunh 469 + o uioV 750 = 1219 = parqenoV + h katabolh alhqeiaV.)

And from these we may proceed to develop:

(5) 704 × ½(Ö3 = 610 Xulon - The Cross. {Arm of Cross.}
(6) 704 × ½ = 352 ¢H odoV - The Way. {Type of Christ}
(7) 704 × (Ö3 + 1) = 1923 CRISTOS ¢O LOGOS.
This is the figure of the Cross in the Vesica, the union of the 1219 and 704.

And the 1923, as the union of the One with the Power of Three, symbolised by the two geometric measures, has exactly the same intention as the 153 of the Miraculous Draught - as we have already shewn. For that number stands for the same mathematical relation, viz. 97:56. And on the larger scale of the Icthys Gematria we find that the Lord's Draught of Fishes is

rng¢ tou kuriou = 1923,

Investigation of the Cabala.

and the figures of the Fish and of Baptism give us again the number of the Logos, for

¢O IcquV 1289
Baptisma 634
= 1923 .

We can now go further with our series. The next term is the measure of the whole cross, AB + ED.

(8) AB + ED
= (2 + Ö3) × 704 = 2627 ¢O ARIQMOS THS SWTHRIAS.
LogoV tou Qeou Kuriou.
¢O LogoV ek patroV× swthr.
Megas logoV tou Qeou patroV.
(9) AEF (triangle) or
CEFD (Length of the Greater Rhombus)
= 704 × 3.00 = 2112 APORROIA CRISTOU.
IhsouV to Diktuon (Jesus, the Net).
To diktuon esti logoV.
Megas icquV Emmanouhl.

The greater rhombus is the type of the Net - To diktuon - containing the Vesica of the Icthys.

(10) AEBF (Rhombus)
= 704 × 4.00 = 2816 IHSOUS ¢O CRISTOS ALHQINOS.
(11) AEBF (Vesica)
= 704 × 4p/3 = 2950 ¢O ARIQMOS TOU CRISTOU.
Enduma tou Cristou.
¢H trapeza tou swthroV.
¢H gewmetria swthroV.

The Key Applied.

The Spherical Triangle on AEF, which has the same measure as the semicircle on ED or as a circle of which EF is the diameter, in one of the most important of the series and is expressed thus:-

(12) AEF (Spherical)
= 704 × p = 2213 ¢O LOGOS TOU KURIOU.
(The Word of the Lord).

As 1219 is the length of the Vesica, it is also that of the base of the equilateral triangle ABD. Two sides of this triangle are raised upon the third, which is ¢O LogoV ek patroV, and the value of the two is thus expressed:-

(13) AD + BD
= 704 × 2Ö3 = 2438 IHSOUS ¢O CRISTOS.
(14) All three sides:-
AD + AD + BD
= 704 × 3Ö3 = 3657 IHSOUS CRISTOS ¢O ICQUS.

All the foregoing are linear measures, but those of area appear equally to give interesting results.

(a) Area of Triangle on base, 704.
704² × ¼Ö3 = 2146 IHSOUS ¢O LEITOURGOS.
(b) Area of Rhombus or Double Triangle, expressed as 4291.2

Investigation of the Cabala.

(c) Area of the Spherical Triangle, by convention
(d) Area of the Triangle ABD. This is most nearly expressed in hundreds by the digits 644, which is the number of Emmanuel.
(e) Area of the greater Rhombus, 1288, or, by another convention, 1289.
1288 = ¢H QEOTHS IHSOU (The Divinity of Jesus).
1289 = ¢O ICQUS - The Fish.

We have set out this series in some detail, since there is a cumulative value which tends to strengthen the proof. But what has been shewn does not exhaust the possibilities of this amazing Cabala. It is clear however that the symbol refers not only to the Christian Faith and to its Members, but, by this body of geometrical teaching, to its Founder as well, as the Word of Truth proceeding from the Father and through the Spirit.

Thus in the secret communications of the early Christians the Sign of the Fish is used as a token of brotherhood and as a credential.

And its number is that of the Author and Finisher of the Faith - ¢O LOGOS EK PATROS and TO WMEGA.

At the close of what may be termed the first great encyclical letter to the Gentile converts and to all whom it might concern, which we have in Acts xv., appears the word ERRWSQE - Farewell. This word, behind its simple and obvious significance, would hide a further meaning which might quite readily carry with it the testimony to the authenticity of the letter, for the number of ERRWSQE is 1219 - the Sign of the Fish and of the Saviour - ¢O LOGOS EK PATROS.

The Key Applied.

We must now take leave of our readers. Enough, we trust, has been said to make clear the purport and the trend of what has been discovered. The triple chain of correspondences, first, the harmony of number and meaning in groups of words on individual numbers; second, the harmonic sequences of numbers built upon the Roots which are the Formative Principles in Nature; and third, the answering sequences of meaning in the Gematria which appear so consistently to explain and elucidate the doctrines of the Church, proclaim the fact that here we have before our eyes the operation of the Law, not Chance, and that no casual or superstitious fancy, but a high degree of Knowledge and Intelligence, laid within the Sacred Books this unseen foundation.

But we do not miss the real significance of that which this teaching implies. When we contemplate the Symmetric Forms with which it deals, forms composite yet moulding their many parts into perfect wholes, everywhere the Great Law holds, the Law of the perfect union of the Lesser in the Greater, and the Greater with the Lesser forms which are the perfect miniatures of the Greater. So we see the great Figure of the Church, which is the congregation of units whose being is patterned on the Universal Truth, mirrored as fidelity to her Form, and thus sharing the eternal or aeonial Life of the great Exemplar.

As Stones of the living Temple each one fits and fills his niche, and the Temple is not perfect until All the Stones are in their appointed place and the Lord has made up His jewels. In coming face to face with the reality of this teaching the disciple loses sight of fancied isolation and knows that he is One with his Master and with all his Fellows, and that all are members one of another, since each is necessary to the whole. And with this truth it may be that the future of Religion among the nations of the Earth is bound up.


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